LAPALME MAGAZINE

                                    F A S H I O N   E D I T O R I A L S


This Editorial was shot for The Celebrity Magazine LAPALME MAGAZINE with a great Creative Team in LONDON to work with the JIMMY CHOO super Model Anastasia Laguna https://www.instagram.com/stassy_95/   Thanks to stylist Sue fyfe-williams  www.suefyfe-williams.co.uk  https://www.instagram.com/stylistsfw/

Celebrity Makeup Artist Fiona Eustace  https://www.instagram.com/fionaeustace/  Nail Tech Laura Pinknail https://www.instagram.com/laurapinknails/

and the Magical  Hair stylist Diego Miranda https://www.instagram.com/diegomiranda/

















                                                                                                                                      L A P A L M E  M A G A Z I N E

                                            F A S H I O N   E D I T O R I A L

                                                                                                                                      21ST  C E N T U R Y   M A N



This concept was inspired by the Music of the ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, it shines the light on how men in the 21st century should be, this shoot was a personal project with Model Angel Martinez  https://www.instagram.com/xngelitomartinez/  And Eva makeup Artist  https://www.instagram.com/evamarlermakeup30/ that made it to a print Editorial Pages.













                                                                                                                    L A P A L M E   M A G A Z I N E 

                                               F A S H I O N    E D I T O R I A L